Let go of every little bit of baggage that's weighing you down!

I will help you get out of the rut you don't even know you're stuck in! Set yourself free from being a prisoner to the fictions of your mind and the fears of your heart.

Equip Yourself With Effective Leadership Tools

Get way better at what you do! 

Lead like a champ and feel totally comfortable with it

I'm going to help you get your teams to work like poetry in motion, dive into their super-powers and embrace boundless creativity with fearless courage by helping you;



Break free from the shackles of frustration and rigidity, rediscover a love for your work and start to really enjoy connections with clients and colleagues. By shifting your mindset, you'll be amazed by how different your world will look.
That's the work I love, showing how a new perspective becomes a new life



When you are grounded you can step into pressure packed situations with unwavering calm and unshakeable confidence. I will lead you into straightforward practices that will ground you totally in the here and now, and deeply inside your own confident self.



Rediscover your true essence and ditch that feeling of being adrift or disconnected. Workplace relationships can be tough (actually all relationships can be tough!). When you connect authentically (and with a drop of vulnerability) to your real self and you can show up unashamedly as "you", tensions dissolve, tight bonds are formed and you get a crystal-clear sense of your place and direction.

Which of these works best for you?

Corporate Training

Look at your work environment as a kind of lab. Every day experiments are happening, a lot of them succeed and some fail. My training program is to use the strength of the growth mindset to embrace the space in which you work and use it as a lab to discover hidden talent, new solutions and more synergistic ties. Framing the experience as an exploration opens up creativity by reducing the pressure to find cooker cutter solutions.

Executive Coaching

I believe that being a leader begins at home. And home is inside of my own being. I will coach you to be self-led, in control, aware and intimately connected with the rise and fall of your own internal emotional "team". Once you master how to lead yourself - your energy, presence and compassion will automatically extend to the way you manage your team. They'll sense it and so will you.

Personal Coaching

It's tough to break out of cycles, self defeating, negative thoughts and bad habits. It's even tougher when you are trying to do it alone. I'm here to help you make those changes, create powerful but realistic goals and support you as you work towards achieving them. Or if you just feel you could be doing much more, that your talents aren't being expressed, I am here let you become every bit of who you can!

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